Renting of a sailing yacht on the mediterranean

Rental agreement

In french

The owner will not be responsable for accidents or any damage that may occur when sailing. On the same way, he will not be responsible if rules and regulations in various countries are not taken into consideration.

Subject to agreement within parties, boardind and disembarking will take place in Marseilles, l'Estaque. 

A rent a boat contract is sign beetween the owner and the user. It is sent by mail to the user as soon as the reservation has been confirmed.

Not more than four passengers may board the ship with a possible exeption of five, only for short periods. Children of ten and over, who can swim are accepted.

The conditions of itinerary and destinations, chosen beforehand are in accordance with the agreement of everyone ; this can be modified during the cruise according to the meteorological conditions and safety factors. The captain can make decisions of any changes, it is his responsability. No refund or any compensation will be given due to such change.

Advance payment.

Reservation cannot be confirmed unless a 30% of the renting has been paid. Final payment is to be made two months before you board. Any cancellation has to be made no less than two months in advance ; failing to do so, the owner will not be able to refund your advance paiement.

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