Renting of a sailing ship with Captain

Sailing from Marseilles (France)

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Who has never had a dream, cruising on a sailboat, navigating in a quiet wind, and being able to stop where he likes and when he likes, discovering the sea side, deep narrow creeks, bays, and wonderfull islands, some places reachable only by sea.

However, sailing cannot be improvised, particularly in areas that are not well known. Professionals insist on sailing experience before renting a boat and they are right. Knowing how to manoeuvre a sailboat is essential.

The most important thing is to sail in safe conditions : meteorological conditions are subject to frequent and hazardous changes, damage to the ship may occure.Renting a sailboat with a captain is particularly recommended to those who do not have sufficient knowledge of boats, sailing and (or) navigation areas and are looking for an all-secure and safe cruising time.